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        Coasters (Set Of 2), 1 each: 'Majhraate Hoyejak' 'Chill Korey'

        Have to wake up early tomorrow? Of course, you're lying awake at 3 am. You either think about what you should have said in an argument in 2011. Or, you get up and do something fun, like catching up on the latest shows and movies. Let the world know that no single night in your life is ever boring - with the new Hoichoi coaster. Coasters: 'Majhraate Hoyejak' 'Chill Korey'

        Coasters (Set Of 2), 1 each: 'Ullash Boley' 'Majhraate Hoyejak'

        If you're happy and you know it, throw a party! With the new Hoichoi coaster, tell everyone that you’re always up for Hoichoi and Mawja! Why wait for festivals? Coasters : 'Ullash Boley' 'Majhraate Hoyejak'

        Coasters (Set Of 2), 1 each: 'Majhraate Hoyejak' 'Ek Chumuk'

        Can't sleep? The right thing to do is catch up on latest films and shows! This Hoichoi coaster says that there's never a dull night in your life. Coaster : 'Majhraate Hoyejak' 'Ek Chumuk Hoyejak'

        Coasters (Set Of 2), 1 each: 'Chill Korey', 'Ullash Boley'

        You don’t need your coasters screaming that you hate ring stains. Instead, let the Hoichoi coasters speak about your fun side and quirky sense of humour! Coasters: "Chill Korey", "Ullash Boley"

        Coasters (Set Of 2), 1 each: 'Ullash Boley' 'Ek Chumuk'

        It’s Baro Mashe Tyaro Parbon in Bengal. Still, why wait for the festive seasons to party? Have fun whenever you want, because your heart is filled with Ullash. And let the Hoichoi coaster tell the world that you’re always up for some Mawja and Hoichoi - just because you are happy!  Coasters: 'Ullash Boley' 'Ek Chumuk'

        Coasters (Set of 2), 1 each: 'Ek Chumuk', 'Chill Korey'

        Chug... Chug... Chug... Remember when your mom said this to make you gulp down the stinky, disgusting milk in one go? Well, the drink still stinks, and it’s no picnic for the tongue; but it’s not milk anymore and it makes you happy. Ready to do the chugging? Let your fellow drinkers know – with the new Hoichoi coaster. Bottoms up! Coasters: 'Ek Chumuk', 'Chill Korey'