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        Laptop Skin 'Ebaar Ektu Kaaj'

        We know how groups function – whether it’s a study session or a project, every group starts with ideas and enthusiasm, and ends up playing PUBG or binge-watching web series. Want to tell the team that the deadline is near, without yelling at them? The Hoichoi laptop skin is the ultimate tool to play it cool, and yet remind the lazy-bones to get back to work! 

        Laptop Skin 'Coding এর ফাঁকে '

        If you’re investing all your days and nights into codes, with coffee replacing the blood in your veins and too many tabs opened in your head, then you need a dose of comedy in your life to de-fragment and refresh your brain. Let the world know that you’re desperate for some laughter – with the new Hoichoi laptop skin.  

        Laptop Skin 'System Format'

        If you’re a full-time procrastinator, it’s time to put your mind on a break. Refresh your mind as you spend some time with a cup of warm tea and the latest web series. Meanwhile, let the Hoichoi laptop skin inform everyone that you have put your system on reboot mode. No need to be sorry for the inconvenience caused due to technical errors.

        Laptop Skin 'Job List Minimise'

        There’s a devilish lyadh napping within us, which wakes up when there are about a hundred things to do immediately. It’s pure lyadh when we ignore everything on the to-do list, and simply start binge-watching a new web series. The new Hoichoi laptop skin understands the mood, and communicates it to everyone who comes up to you with a new task.